IELTS is an abbreviated form for the International English Language Testing System. It is a globally recognized and standard English Language assessment examination for students that wish to partake in foreign education. The main objective of IELTS is to assess the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers where the most common language is English. Along with being one of the best abroad student consultancy in Nepal, we at Fine Edu, help students to excel in their IELTS test too.


IELTS is a broadly recognized English language test that is accepted by more than 9,000 organizations internationally. The countries that accept IELTS certification are Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, and many countries in Europe. IELTS is not only important for academic purposes, but it holds importance for immigration purposes too. IELTS checks the English language skills of an individual through writing, listening, reading, and speaking.

There are three types of IELTS exams. They are:

IELTS academic test: This test is best suited for candidates that wish to enroll in an English-speaking country for their undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
IELTS general test: This test is suitable for candidates that wish to possess English skills that are adequate for a workplace or social circumstances,
IELTS for UKVI: It is a government-approved Secure English Language Test (SLET). It is required for students that need to demonstrate their English language abilities for UK Visa and Immigration application.
The IELTS exam can be taken online (Computer-based exam) and offline (paper-based exam). The exam format for both methods is the same. As the best education consultancy in Kathmandu, we provide students guidance and training to succeed in their exams.


Step 1: Visit the official British Council IELTS registration page
Step 2: Create an account with the British Council IELTS registration page
Step 3: Pick your test center
Step 4: Register for the test and make the payment

While registering, make sure that you have your passport with you. Also, understand that you need to take your passport with you when you sit for the examination.


The fee for different types of IELTS exam in Nepal are:

IELTS Academic and General Training – IELTS exam fee for Paper-Based test NPR. 23,000
IELTS Academic and General Training – IELTS exam fee for Computer-delivered test NPR. 23,500
IELTS exam fee for UK Visas and Immigration (Academic and General Training) NPR. 26,000

If the candidate cancels the test on the day of the test, he won’t be eligible for refund. If the candidate cancels the IELTS application within 2 days before the test, then the candidate is eligible for a refund of 25% of the total IELTS exam fee. If the candidate cancels the IELTS application within 14 days before the test, then the candidate is eligible for a refund of 50% of the total IELTS exam fee. If the candidate cancels the IELTS application more than 14 days before the test, then the candidate is eligible for a refund of 75% of the total IELTS exam fee.


When a candidate wants to change the test date, he can request to reschedule the exam date at least 5 weeks prior to the previously booked date. The candidate has to pay an additional administrative charge for such rescheduling.

The minimum age to take the IELTS examination is 16 years.
There is no restriction on the total number of times that a candidate can take the IELTS examination.
Any candidate that wishes to migrate to an English-speaking country is eligible to take the IELTS exam.
Here are the minimum IELTS score requirements in each country:
Country Minimum band
New Zealand 6.5
Australia 6.5
Canada 6
United Kingdom 5
United States of America 6.5

The IELTS syllabus can be a bit challenging and daunting for some. At Fine Edu, we teach the candidates in such a way that it helps them to excel in it. We pride ourselves in being the top consultancy in Nepal for USA, and our English classes will help you feel that.

Section Description of IELTS syllabus Total no. of Questions Duration
IELTS Listening
Syllabus This section comprises of four recorded monologues and dialogues. 40 40 minutes
IELTS Reading
Syllabus This section contains three long passages, and tasks are assigned to each passage. The texts under the reading section are analytical, factual, descriptive, and discursive. It comprises non-verbal content like diagrams and graphs. These texts are taken from newspapers, journal, and books. 40 60 minutes
IELTS Writing
Syllabus This section consists of two tasks. The first task is an explanation of the given table, graph or diagram in at least 150 words.
The second task is writing an essay of at least 250 words.

2 60 minutes
IELTS Speaking
Syllabus This is a face-to-face interview that comprises of brief questions and talking in detail about a specific topic. 3 11-14 minutes


To check the IELTS result, you need to log in to the Test Taker portal. The results will remain online for 28 days. The IELTS results will be valid for two years from the date of declaration of result.


The results of an individual are assessed in four different categories namely, Reading, speaking, listening, and writing.

IELTS reading score

IELTS Reading Score – Marks Obtained IELTS Reading Score – IELTS Band
IELTS Reading Score 39-40 9
IELTS Reading Score 37-38 8.5
IELTS Reading Score 35-36 8
IELTS Reading Score 33-34 7.5
IELTS Reading Score 30-32 7
IELTS Reading Score 27-29 6.5
IELTS Reading Score 23-26 6
IELTS Reading Score 19-22 5.5
IELTS Reading Score 15-18 5
IELTS Reading Score 13-14 4.5
IELTS Reading Score 10-12 4
IELTS Reading Score 8-9 3.5
IELTS Reading Score 6-7 3

IELTS speaking score IELTS Speaking Score
1 Band 0
2 Band 1
3 Band 2
4 Band 3
5 Band 4
6 Band 5
7 Band 6
8 Band 7
9 Band 8
10 Band 9

IELTS listening score

IELTS Listening Score – Marks Obtained IELTS Listening Score- IELTS Band
IELTS Listening Score 39-40 9
IELTS Listening Score 37-38 8.5
IELTS Listening Score 35-36 8
IELTS Listening Score 32-34 7.5
IELTS Listening Score 30-31 7
IELTS Listening Score 26-29 6.5
IELTS Listening Score 23-25 6
IELTS Listening Score 18-22 5.5
IELTS Listening Score 16-17 5
IELTS Listening Score 13-15 4.5
IELTS Listening Score 11-12 4

IELTS writing score IELTS Writing Score
1 Band 0
2 Band 1
3 Band 2
4 Band 3
5 Band 4
6 Band 5
7 Band 6
8 Band 7
9 Band 8
10 Band 9

The IELTS score is the mean average of all the sections. The sum of the score is divided by four and is considered as the total band score. Here is the IELTS score chart:

IELTS BAND SCORE 0 Did not attempt The test taker has not answered any questions
IELTS BAND SCORE 1 Non-user The test taker is incapable of using the language.
IELTS BAND SCORE 2 Intermittent User The test taker finds it extremely difficult to comprehend spoken and written English
IELTS BAND SCORE 3 Extremely Limited User The test taker cannot communicate without frequent breakdowns. They can comprehend fundamental meaning in very familiar situations.
IELTS BAND SCORE 4 Limited User The test taker’s command over the language is minimal, and they find it challenging to comprehend the language.
IELTS BAND SCORE 5 Modest User The test taker has only a partial command over the language. Though they tend to make many errors, they can comprehend the complete meaning in most situations and handle basic communication.
IELTS BAND SCORE 6 Competent User The test taker’s command over the language is effective. There are inaccuracies and misunderstandings, but they can understand the complex language in most situations.
IELTS BAND SCORE 7 Good User The test taker has a strong command over the language with occasional inaccuracies and rare inappropriate use of language. They are capable of handling complex language.
IELTS BAND SCORE 8 Very Good User The test taker has a masterful command over the language and can handle complex argumentations but has occasional inaccuracies and might fail to comprehend certain unfamiliar situations.
IELTS BAND SCORE 9 Expert User The test taker’s use of English is fluent and appropriate and displays complete comprehension.


It is crucial that you prepare for IELTS thoroughly if you want to pass this test. Here are some methods that you can use to qualify for your IELTS exam:

Understand the test format thoroughly and take a practice test
Join an IELTS preparation class
If you are on the lookout for an IELTS preparation class, then do visit Fine Education. Our staff are well versed in this field and they will make sure that you understand the subject matter completely. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us.