Study In Czech Republic

Study In Czech Republic

In recent years, the Czech Republic has become a prime destination for international students with more than 40,000 international students studying there. The reason behind the immense popularity of the Czech Republic among students can be attributed to its top-class universities, affordable living cost, and ecstatic culture. Often called the “most handsome country in Europe” spending your educational career in the Czech Republic is bound to be an investment that will pay you handsome dividends.


Quality Education The universities and colleges located in the Czech Republic have a reputation for providing quality education. Regardless of the course you take, you can expect to receive an education that is not only theoretical but practical as well. Studying in the Czech Republic will be a nice addition to your CV.

  • Diverse programs

The universities in the Czech Republic offer diverse programs which you can choose from. Upon observing this variety of topics, it becomes easier for the student to pick the program that best suits his interest.

  • Travel flexibility

The Czech Republic is centrally located in Europe so for students that are willing to travel during holidays, it is easier for them to do so. Through traveling, students can broaden their outlook on life and learn more about the city and culture.

  • Employment

Numerous multinational companies in the Czech Republic recruit fresh graduates. Focus on developing your skills and go work on your dream job. As the best education consultancy in Kathmandu for UK, we at Fine Education, guide you in making your journey to study in the Czech Republic easier.

  1. Preschool

It is the initial phase of education where children get enrolled before cordially commencing their education journey. These types of schools are for students who are at least 4 years old and the objective of such schools is to build learning habits and encourage social interaction among the students.

  1. Elementary school

Elementary education in the Czech Republic takes about nine years and is for students with age 6 to 15 years. In these schools, the overall development of the student is the main objective along with extracurricular activities.

  1. Upper Secondary education:

The upper secondary education lasts for four years and in terms of grade, it is 10-13. In the Czech Republic, vocational education is given more preference rather than secondary education.

  1. University education

Once the initial phases are completed, the student heads for a university-level program. Most of the universities in the Czech Republic offer bachelor’s, master’s, and engineering degrees. A normal bachelor’s degree lasts for 3 years and here, the student receives specialization in a specific area. After completing the bachelor’s exam, the student can decide whether he wants to pursue master’s level and Ph.D. level education.

The admission intake for the Czech Republic is:
Deadline for public universities: February, September
Deadline for art schools: November
Deadline for technical faculties: March to April
Entrance exam date: May to July

Here are the documents that you need to apply to the Czech Republic.

  • Passport
  • IELTS\TOEFL certification
  • Work experience
  • Academic Documents

Visa documentation

  • Police report (Translation Needed)
  • 3 months bank statement and certificate (Translation Needed)
  • Valid ATM card with student name (Translation Needed)
  • Certificate of additional activities
  • All academic documents
  • Character certificate, migration certificate
  • Bank balance certification and transactions
  • Property valuation

Living costs in the Czech Republic tend to vary depending upon the place and educational institution you are involved in. Normally, international students live in shared apartments or university dormitories. On average, the monthly fee ranges between 100 euros to 200 euros per month. If you decide to take up private accommodation, then you have to pay a bit extra to avail of those services.

The tuition fees in the Czech Republic mostly depend on the type, of course, you are studying and the university you are enrolled in. The cost of studying in public universities is comparatively cheaper than studying in private universities. Some of the universities that are favorites among international students are Masaryk university, Charles University, and Prague university of economics and business.

Some students are perplexed as to whether they will get a job or not after studying in the Czech Republic. Fret not as the country is home to numerous huge companies and if you possess the appropriate skill, then you can easily get your dream job. Like any other country, white-collar jobs earn more.

There is a wide range of topics that you can choose to study in the Czech Republic, However, considering the current situation and the favorite of students, courses like agriculture, engineering, and economics are popular. It does not mean that you have to study the above-mentioned courses only. You can select any other course too.


  • Bachelor / Undergraduate: A student who has completed 12 years of education outside Australia but is equivalent to Australian 12 years will qualify.
  • Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma: Students ought to possess an undergraduate qualification that is comparable to an Australian Bachelor’s degree.
  • Master’s Degree: Student must have completed an undergraduate qualification which is equivalent to an Australian Bachelor’s degree, honors degree, or graduate diploma.
  • Research Programs: Students must have completed an honors degree, master’s degree, or equivalent qualification from a recognized university.
  • English Language requirements: All students must have English language proficiency test scores. (TOEFL/IELTS/PBT)


  • The Czech Republic is ranked as the seventh safest country to live in the world.
  • It has the highest number of castles in Europe.
  • The third-oldest astronomical clock in the world is in the Czech Republic.
  • It is one of the least religious countries in the world.
  • The adult literacy rate in the Czech Republic is 99.83%.


  • Ministry of education, youth, and sports of the Czech Republic
  • The Czech Republic Erasmus
  • School of Business Administration Scholarships
  • Charles University Scholarships

As the top education consultants in Kathmandu for UK, we shall assist you in making your dream of studying in the Czech Republic a reality. Feel free to contact us for any sort of queries.